Promote the Vote



The entry deadline for the Secretary of State’s 2017 Promote the Vote program, Bicentennial Edition, is now closed. Please check back to this page in the future to view essay and art submissions from K-12 students across the State.

What is Promote the Vote?

This year’s Promote the Vote theme is Mississippi’s Bicentennial Birthday. The program includes art and essay contests, with submissions due December 1, 2017, judging in late-December, and an awards ceremony at the State Capitol in February 2018. In addition, we will provide your teachers with an online PTV publication, A Bicentennial History of Mississippi, which will allow students to learn about their region of our State and generate discussion about their view of our State’s future.


Who can participate?

The program is open to all teachers and students in grades K-12. We encourage participation by public, private, and parochial schools as well as home school associations.


how do i get started?



 ​After registering online to participate in Promote the Vote, teachers will receive a password in order to access the site once materials are uploaded. 


​What is included in this year's program?

Visual Arts Category: Illustration (Grades K-3; 4-6; 7-9; 10-12)

“My Mississippi” - Students will identify what impacts them the most in their region of the State. Students will illustrate this by designing artwork depicting their region of the State (symbol, landmark, landscape, person, industry, etc.) as identified in A Bicentennial History of Mississippi provided by the Secretary of State’s Office.


Writing Category: Essay (Grades 7-9; 10-12)

“Moving Forward" - Students will write an essay (500-word maximum) identifying what he/she considers to be one of the most important future issues facing the region they live in today by studying the history of their specific region in A Bicentennial History of Mississippi​ provided by the Secretary of State’s Office. Students will describe the issue and their proposal for how citizens and elected officials should address that issue.


Top winners of the art and essay contests from specific age categories will receive a $100 savings account, with another $100 awarded to winning students’ schools.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Promote the Vote is a free program offered to all schools and teachers in the State of Mississippi by the Secretary of State’s Office. All materials are available for download online.​



​For specific questions, you can reach our staff by calling  (601)-359-6344 or by email at