School District Online Portal

​Welcome to the Mississippi School District Online Portal, an online tool designed to help your school district efficiently file your annual 16th Section Schedule of Revenue Report.  At this time, your school district can import or manually enter Schedule of Revenue information. The Mississippi Secretary of State's Office has been working with third party vendors Courage-Integrity, MUNIS, Marathon, Innovak, and Harris School Solutions to create XML or Excel files for import of the Schedule of Revenue information. The vendors that have submitted successful test files will provide their school districts with the import files. If your district contracts with one of these vendors, please contact the vendor regarding your import file. 

If your school district does not contract with a third party vendor, you may enter the data directly into the Schedule of Revenue screen in this Portal. To request information regarding the XML or Excel file layout, please contact Robema Carter, Administrative Assistant, at (601) 359-6375 or

The rollout of the school district portal and its complete functionality will be available to all school districts in the spring of 2018. At that time, you will receive notification and training sessions will be provided to all school districts.

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