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Amanda Hughes
Director of Materials Management
(601) 359-1552
E-mail: Amanda Hughes

The Procurement Division is committed to provide services that improve the support for high quality service to employees and customers.

The Procurement Division’s mission is to:


  • provide the best service possible to the agency while expediting the procurement of goods and services
  • secure competitive quotes and bids to obtain maximum value from the expenditures of agency funds
  • authorize contracts on any commodity/service being purchased by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office
  • coordinate the procurement of goods and services for all divisions of the agency
  • ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and policies
  • maintain professionalism by Procurement and Contracts personnel
  • maintain reputable relations with vendors that service the agency
  • develop new sources of supplies and equipment to assure agency divisions have an adequate number of vendors from which to obtain supplies, equipment, and services


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