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Internship with the Secretary of State

Thank you for your interest in serving as a student intern with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office.

Purpose: The Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office offers internships to students enrolled in an institution of higher learning. The program is designed to provide intensive, hands-on experience in state-level public service. Our agency strives to foster a meaningful work experience; provide insight into the operations of the Secretary of State’s Office; and promote involvement in public service.


  • Enrolled college student in good standing
  • Resume, references, and transcript
  • Interview

The deadline for applications is before the end of the previous semester.

Candidates should submit a resume, references, and transcripts to:

Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office
Attn: Human Resources
P. O. Box 136 Jackson, MS 39205

or via email to: human.resources@sos.ms.gov

For further information, you may contact the Human Resources division by calling 601-359-5509 or emailing us at human.resources@sos.ms.gov.