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State flags flown over the Mississippi Capitol can be obtained through the Office of the Secretary of State for a fee. Because our agency coordinates with State Capitol staff, sufficient time must be allowed for filling flag orders.

To order a State flag, complete the flag request form below.

Flag Request Form
Flag requests made be made for flags that have been flown over the State Capitol as well as for flags that have not been flown. Flown flags come with a document certifying for whom and the date on which the flag was flown. The Secretary of State’s Office must coordinate with Capitol Police to have flags flown; if you would like a flag flown on a particular date, please allow sufficient time for preparation before that date. Flown flag requests require a minimum two-weeks prior notice.

Billing Information
Your email address is needed for delivery of a confirmation of request notice and will not be distributed outside of this office. Your confirmation will also include the total amount for the request; payment must be received by our office before your request may be processed. Additional information regarding the transaction will also be included in the confirmation email.