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Secretary Delbert Hosemann
Delbert Hosemann
Secretary of State

The Mississippi initiative law affords voters an avenue for addressing important constitutional issues which the State Legislature does not. This year, the three initiatives appearing on the November 8 ballot address basic constitutional issues: the integrity of our vote, the definition of when life begins, and government’s right to seize private property for non-public use.

After registering the initiative with the Secretary of State’s Office, the official ballot title and summary are prepared by the Mississippi Attorney General. Initiatives are only valid for one year, during which time a petition must be circulated to gather signatures to place the measure on the next statewide General Election ballot. According to State law, for an initiative measure to be placed on the ballot, a minimum of 107,216 certified signatures must be gathered with at least 21,443 certified signatures from each of the five congressional districts as they existed in the year 2000. Signatures must be certified by county circuit clerks. A completed petition is filed with the Secretary of State’s Office, along with a $500 filing fee.

Not only must an initiative receive a majority of the total votes cast for that particular initiative, it must also receive more than 40% of the total votes cast in that election.

As always, if we may be of any assistance, we encourage you to contact our Elections Hotline at 1(800) 829-6786.


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Initiative Guidelines
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2011 Constitutional Initiatives

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1 - Constitutional Convention
2 - Reduce size of Legislature
3 - Statutory and Local Referendum
4 - Term Limits
5 - Board of Denturity
6 - Municipal Annexation
7 - Public Schools
8 - Board of Denturity
9 - Term Limits
10 - Punitive Damages
11 - Punitive Damages
12 - Gaming
13 - Gaming
14 - Punitive Damages
15 - Voter Identification
16 - Attorney's Fees
17 - Damages in civil actions
18 - Damages in civil actions
19 - Elections
20 - Gaming/Gambling
21 - State Flag
22 - "Ultimate Human Life Amendment"
23 - "Ultimate Human Life Amendment"
24 - Assisted Suicide and Abortion
25 - Cigarette Tax
26 - Definition of “person"
27 - Voter Identification
28 - Cigarette Tax
29 - Obeying Federal Directives
30 - Term Limits
31 - Eminent Domain
32 - Healthcare Plan
33 - Public Fund Recipients
34 - African-American Day/Women's Day
35 - Mississippi Citizen Act
37 - Colonel Reb Mascot
39 - African-American Day/Women's Day
40 - Mississippi Citizens Act
41 - Right to Life