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SPONSOR: Kirk Fordice, P.O. Box 139, Jackson, MS 39205; 601-359-3100

SUBJECT MATTER: Public Schools

BALLOT TITLE: May citizens propose changes in public schools to local school boards which, if denied, could be decided in an election?

BALLOT SUMMARY: This amendment would create a right to propose changes in school management policies to local school boards. A school board could not deny a proposal for the reason it would: allow attendance by any student desiring to enroll; compensate teachers and administrators based partly on performance; eliminate regulation; allow hiring of non-certified teachers; or, alter curriculum. Any proposal rejected by the board could be submitted to voters in the same manner as school bond issues.

ORIGINAL FILING: June 22, 1995

STATUS: Expired.

Initiative Information

The official ballot title and ballot summary for an initiative measure are prepared by the Mississippi Attorney General's Office. Initiative petitions are valid for one year. According to Mississippi law, for an initiative petition to be sufficient a minimum of 91,673 certified signatures must be gathered; with at least 18,355 certified signatures from each of the five congressional districts. The number of signatures required represents 12% of the total number of votes cast for Governor in the last gubernatorial general election. All signatures on the petition must be certified by county Circuit Clerks as those of registered Mississippi voters.

For more information on the initiative process in Mississippi, consult the Mississippi Constitution of 1890, Section 273; and Miss. Code Ann., Sections 23-17-1 through 23-17-61 (1972).