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Corporations Laws Study Group

Bill Mendenhall
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C.

Tommy Shepherd
Watkins Ludlam Winter & Stennis, P.A.

The Corporation Laws Study Group was created in the Summer of 2008 by the Secretary of State’s Office. The Study Group held three meetings and several Sub-Group meetings. Copies of the minutes of the meetings and the materials that were distributed at these meetings are set forth below. This Study Group issued a final report jointly with the Partnerships and Limited Liability Company Laws Study Group. A link to the Joint Final Report is also set forth below.

Legislation recommended by the Corporations Study Group was signed by Governor Barbour on April 13, 2009. Click here to view a copy of the signed bill (HB 515).

Corporations Law Study Group #1 (June 25, 2008)

Corporations Law Study Group #2 (July 30, 2008)

Joint Meeting of the Corporations Law Study Group and the LLCs and Partnerships Laws Study Group (November 6, 2008)