Public Lands | Administrative Rules

VII. Issuing the Patent

A. The property description contained in the application shall be compared with the description in the appropriate County Certificate Book and County Sales Book to verify they are precisely identical.

B. The patent shall be prepared completely and accurately and then signed by the Secretary of State and forwarded to the Governor for his approval and signature.

C. Special patents must also be signed by the Attorney General.

D. The patent shall be recorded in the County Certificate Book and the County Sales Book.

E. Notification of Tax Assessor and Chancery Clerk

1. The Secretary of State shall forward a letter to the chancery clerk which contains the following information:

a. The description of the property;

b. The date of the patent;

c. The name of the person or entity to whom the patent was issued; and

d. The amount paid for the property, if any. Miss. Code Ann. ยง 29-1-83.

2. A copy of the aforementioned letter, together with a copy of the patent, shall be forwarded to the tax assessor within thirty (30) days of the date of the patent.

F. The original patent shall be forwarded to the successful applicant (now the patentee) with instructions that the patent must be recorded within six (6) months or the patent will be null and void.

G. Unsuccessful applicants for the property, if any, shall be notified of the cancellation of their respective applications, and those applications shall be withdrawn, canceled, and filed in the canceled applications file. Unsuccessful applications shall be retained three (3) years, after which they may be destroyed.

H. The patent, together with the successful application, transfer request, or highest bid shall be filed numerically in the permanent patent file.