Securities and Charities | Final Orders and Consent Agreement

Canufly.Net Inc S-04-0180 Consent Agreement.pdf
Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. - S-09-0087.pdf
Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. Letter of Caution S-07-0039.pdf
Clifford Hancock S-03-0041 Consent Order.pdf
Clifford Hancock S-03-0041 Consent Order.tif
Consumer Concepts Investments Inc S-05-0233 Consent Order.pdf
Corey S. Presley and Signature Investors - Consent Agreement - S-08-0340.pdf
Crossroads Media Inc-Dale Gerstenslager S-05-0529 Final CDO & Order Imposing Admin Penalty.pdf
Crossroads Media Inc-Dale Gerstenslager-Gerald Stanford [Respondent Stanford] S-05-0529 Consent Agreement.pdf

Cancer Recovery Foundation of America C-04-0308 Consent Order.pdf
Canine Companions for Independence, Inc. - Consent Agreement C-08-0006.pdf
Capital Research Center C-07-0028 Consent Order.pdf
Capitol Watch Inc C-05-0568 Consent Order.pdf
Caps for Kids - Consent Agreement - C-10-0050.pdf
Catch 22 Foundation - Consent Agreement - C-10-0090.pdf
Catholic Answers - Consent Agreement - C-13-0887.pdf
Catholic Relief Services-United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Consent Agreement C-07-0771.pdf
CBMC - Consent Agreement - C-08-0453.pdf
CBMC, Inc. - Consent Agreement - C-08-04353.pdf
Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary C-04-0219 Consent Order.pdf
Center for Pregnancy Choices East Central MS - Consent Agreement - C-12-0366.pdf
Center on Conscience & War Inc C-06-0217 Consent Order.pdf
Center Stage, Inc C-07-0171 Consent Order.pdf
Cerebal Palsy Foundation of Mississippi - Consent Agreement 08-0139.pdf
Challenger Center for Space Science Education C-06-0333 Consent Order.pdf
Charles Walker-International Checker Hall of Fame C-03-0296 Consent Agreement.pdf
Chickasaw Development Foundation C-07-0618 Consent Order.pdf
Childhelp - Consent Agreement - C-11-0188.pdf
Childhelp Inc C-04-0145 Consent Order.pdf
Childhelp Inc C-05-0212 Consent Order.pdf
Childhelp Inc C-06-0231 Consent Order.pdf
Children's Cancer Research Fund C-05-0408 Consent Order.pdf
Children's Charitable Foundation C-04-0037 Summary Cease and Desist Order and Notice of Intent to Deny Registration and Impose Administrative Penalty.pdf
Children's Charity Fund aka A Child's Wish C-06-0477 Consent Order.pdf
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation - Consent Agreement - C-12-0340.pdf
Children's Hospital and Research Center Foundation (2) Consent Order - C-07-0095 and C-04-0399.pdf
Children's Hospital and Research Center Foundation - Consent Order - C-07-0095 and C-04-0399.pdf
Children's Hospital and Research Center Foundation -Order Lifting Previous Orders -C-07-0095 and C-94-0399.pdf
Children's Hospital and Research Center Foundation.pdf
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation - Consent Agreement - C-12-0305.pdf
Children's Scholarship Fund C-05-0192 Consent Order.pdf
Children's Tumor Foundation C-05-0193 Consent Order.pdf
Childrens Charitable Foundation C-04-0037 Final Cease and Desist Order.pdf
Childrens Defense Fund Action Council C-04-0009 Consent Order.pdf
China Outreach Ministries - Consent Agreement - C-12-0338.pdf
Christian Action Network C-04-0068 Consent Order.pdf
Christian Aid Ministries - Consent Agreement - C-14-0993.pdf
Christian Appalachian Project - Consent Agreement - C-10-0114.pdf
Christian Appalachian Project Inc C-04-0086 Consent Order.pdf
Christian Association for Rehabilitation and Education Ministries Inc C-05-0103 Order Lifting Order Denying Registration and Imposing Administrative Penalty.pdf
Christian Blind Mission International C-06-0288 Consent Order.pdf
Christian Children's Fund Inc C-07-0365 Consent Order.pdf
Christian Communications of Chicagoland Inc C-05-0057 Consent Order.pdf
Christian Counseling Ministries C-04-0238 Consent Order.pdf
Christian Friends Society Inc C-05-0483 Consent Order.pdf
Christian Network - Consent Agreement C-08-0034.pdf
Christian Record Services - Consent Agreement - C-09-0327.pdf
Christian Record Services - Consent Agreement - C-10-0327.pdf
Christian Record Services - Consent Agreement - C-14-0922.pdf
Christian's Wings C-06-0262 Final Order.pdf
Christmas Village Foundation - Consent Agreement - C-11-0006.pdf
Church After School C-06-0322 Consent Order.pdf
Church World Services Inc C-05-0457 Consent Order.pdf
City of Hope C-06-0461 Consent Order.pdf
City of Pass Christian - Letter of Caution - C-08-0232.pdf
City of Pass Christian -Letter of Caution - S-08-0052.pdf
CJW, Incorporated - Consent Agreement - C-08-0054.pdf
Claremont Institute for the Study of Statemanship and Politcal Philosophy C-04-0084 Consent Order.pdf
Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy C-06-0047 Consent Order.pdf
Clarke School for the Deaf - Consent Agreement - C-08-0186.pdf
Clarksdale-Coahoma County Ministries C-05-0479 Consent Order.pdf
Clean Water for Malawi - Consent Agreement - C-13-0713.pdf
Clydesdale Christmas Store C-04-0296 Consent Order.pdf
Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities Inc C-06-0454 Consent Order.pdf
Coast Con Foundation C-06-0259 Final Cease and Desist Order.pdf
Coleman, Alexander, Prosser Foundation, Inc. C-07-0767 Consent Agreement.pdf
Collegiate Network Inc C-06-0211 Consent Order.pdf
Columbus Arts Council C-04-0181 Consent Order.pdf
Columbus-Lowndes Free Medical Clinic- Consent Agreement - C-08-0440.pdf
Comic Relief Inc C-06-0533 Consent Order.pdf
Committee for Justice - Consent Agreement - C-11-0206.pdf
Common Cause - Consent Agreement C-08-0414.pdf
Common Cause C-05-0038 Consent Order.pdf
Common Cause C-06-0549 Consent Order.pdf
Community Care Foundation Consent Agreement C-07-0762.pdf
Community Children's Theatre of Jackson Inc C-05-0035 Consent Order.pdf
Community Foundation of NW Mississippi, Inc. - Consent Agreement - C-14-1028.pdf
Community In Action C-05-0396 Consent Order.pdf
Community Life Center C-07-0387 Consent Order.pdf
Community of Hope Inc C-04-0402 Consent Order.pdf
Community Support - Consent Agreement - C-09-0188.pdf
Community Support, Inc. C-05-0610 Order Lifting Summary Cease and Desist Order and Notice of Intent to Impose Administrative Penalty.pdf
Competitive Enterprise Institute - Consent Agreement - C-11-0209.pdf
Competitive Enterprise Institute Consent Agreement C-7-0824.pdf
Confederate Memorial Literary Society C-06-0290 Consent Order.pdf
Consent Agreement-My Brothers Keeper.pdf
Coopers Downs Race Track C-04-0223 Consent Order.pdf
Copland O'Neil, Inc. Consent Agreement C-08-0217.pdf
Coral Ridge Ministries Media, Inc. Consent Agreement C-07-0874.pdf
Corrie Ten Boom Fellowship, Inc. C-07-0366 Consent Order.pdf
Corrie Ten Boom Fellowship, Inc. C-07-0366 faxed Consent Order.pdf
Courtesy Call, Inc. - Consent Agreement - C-10-0150.pdf
Coustea Society, Inc. Consent Agreement C-07-0822.pdf
Cousteau Society -Consent Agreement - C-14-0959.pdf
Covenant House C-05-0210 Consent Order.pdf
Covenant House C-06-0291 Consent Order.pdf
Covenant House C-07-0718 Consent Agreement.pdf
Covenant House- Consent Agreement - C-08-0212.pdf
Craver, Mathews, Smith & Co. - Consent Agreement - C-08-0208.pdf
Crazy Like Love Foundation C-06-0445 Consent Order.pdf
Crisis Pregnancy Services of Central Mississippi - Consent Agreement - C-09-0331.pdf
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America - Consent Agreement - C-12-0341.pdf
Cross International Aid Inc C-06-0041 Consent Order.pdf
Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation - Consent Agreement - C-10-0045.pdf