Securities and Charities | Final Orders and Consent Agreement

Dan C Smith - American Advisors Inc S-06-0134 Consent Agreement.pdf
Danny Chancellor and Malachi Financial - Consent Agreement - S-11-0259.pdf
Don Purvis S-06-0440 Consent Order.pdf
Duane Webster McKenzie S-05-0132 & S-05-0075 Consent Agreement.pdf
Duane Webster McKenzie S-05-0132 & S-05-0075 Final Cease and Desist Order and Order Imposing Administrative Penalty.pdf
Duane Webster McKenzie S-05-0132 & S-05-0075 Summary CDO & NOI to Impose Admin Penalty [without attachments].pdf

Dakota Indian Foundation Inc C-06-0339 Consent Order.pdf
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Inc C-04-0385 Consent Order.pdf
David C Cook - Consent Agreement - C-14-0905.pdf
Day Star Women's Ministries, Inc. - Consent Agreement - C-10-0033.pdf
Deafness Research Foundation C-06-0021 Consent Order.pdf
Deanna Favre Hope Foundation - Consent Agreement - C-08-0303.pdf
Death and Dignity National Center C-05-0144 Consent Order.pdf
Declaration Foundation Final Order Denying Registration and Order Imposing Administrative Penalty.pdf
Declaration Foundation Final Order Denying Registration.pdf
Defenders of Wildlife - Consent Agreement - C-10-0120.pdf
Delta Arts Alliance Inc C-05-0355 Consent Order.pdf
Delta Blues Education Fund C-05-0488 Consent Order.pdf
Delta Group - Consent Agreement - C-09-0248.pdf
Delta Group USA Inc (Registration File) #100004069 MOU.pdf
Delta Society - Consent Agreement - C-12-0354.pdf
Democracy Now! Productions Inc. - Consent Agreement - C-09-0258.pdf
DePorres Delta Ministries, Inc. Consent Agreement C-07-0924.pdf
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance - Consent Agreement - C-14-1055.pdf
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance C-06-0238 Consent Order.pdf
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance - Consent Agreement - C-11-0207.pdf
Desoto County Tennis Association Consent Agreement C-07-0853.pdf
DeSoto Health & Wellness Center Inc C-06-0085 Consent Order.pdf
Developing Resources for Education in America C-04-0271 Consent Order.pdf
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Inc C-06-0360 Consent Order.pdf
Diane Fossey Gorilla Foundation Consent Agreement C-07-0692.pdf
Disability Rights Mississippi - Consent Agreement - C-12-0294.pdf
Disabled American Veterans National Service Foundation C-06-0014 Consent Order.pdf
Disabled Police Officers Counseling Center - Consent Agreement - C-11-0201.pdf
Disabled Police Officers of America, Ins. - Consent Agreement - C-10-004-.pdf
Disabled Veterans National Foundation - Consent Agreement- C-10-0078.pdf
Disabled Veterans' LIFE Memorial Foundation C-05-0569 Consent Order.pdf
Disabled Veterans' Life Memorial Foundation C-06-0580 Consent Order.pdf
Disaster Corps C-06-0511 Final Order Revoking Registration and Imposing Administrative Penalty.pdf
DKMS Americas - Consent Agreement - C-14-1034.pdf
Doctors of the World USA, Inc. C-07-0375 Consent Order.pdf
Domestic Violence - Consent Order - C-06-0045.pdf
Domestic Violence Project - Consent Agreement - C-06-0045.pdf
Donna Thomas-Jim Thomas (Raven's Hope Animal Sanctuary) C-06-0184 Consent Order.pdf - Consent Agreement - C-13-0558.pdf
Doris Day Animal League - Consent Agreement C-08-0027.pdf
Drag Racing Association of Women C-07-0030 Consent Order.pdf
Ducks Unlimited Inc C-06-0172 Consent Order.pdf