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Many of us, as children, have dreamed of being invisible, but who would have ever thought that this childhood fantasy would ever materialize into the revolutionary hunting sports brand, Mossy Oak. When Toxey Haas, Mossy Oak’s Founder and CEO, was just a small child, his father took him into the Mississippi woods and introduced his son to the great outdoors. He was hooked. The childhood prank of sneaking up on someone by being “invisible” carried over into his hunting strategy; to get close to the wildlife, you need to be invisible.

His moment of inspiration came some years later while sitting under his favorite hunting tree in West Point, Miss. He scooped up a small bag of dirt, twigs, leaves, and branches and carried it to the nearby fabric store; dropping the bag on the counter, he asked, “Can you print fabric that looks like the stuff in the bag?”. The concept of blending in with your surroundings had long been used by military and many hunters, but the meshing of natural colors was not sufficient enough to reach his goal of invisibility. Toxey realized the secret to effective camouflage is to use the actual elements of nature, not just the terrain colors to conceal your position. And so in 1986, the Mossy Oak tradition began with Toxey's bag of natural materials.

The next revolutionary breakthrough came with the integration of shadows into the original Mossy Oak patterns making the fabric seem 3-dimensional. Over time with the development of more realistic natural element patterns, this new concept cleared the way to new products functional in a wider range of terrain including open fields and wetlands with minimal coverage, duck blinds and fly ways, and tree stands. Each pattern is tested in the actual environment in which each is designed to be used. Patterns used for waterfowl are also tested from an aerial view.

Mossy Oak currently has approximately 20 trademarked camouflage patterns. Mossy Oak does not manufacture products but licenses the branded patterns to product manufactures; that is why Mossy Oak brand patterns can be found on products from a variety of manufacturers ranging from hunting gear to home decor.

Mossy Oak employs approximately 105 employees, most located in Mississippi. There are also 53 National “Prostaff” members, 24 Regional Managers and 650 local level Prostaffers, totaling over 700 individuals that act as spokespersons for Mossy Oak from the national level all the way to local representatives.

Since it was founded 23 years ago, Mossy Oak has become a multi-faceted corporation which includes property sales for hunting, timber and recreational use in 12 states (including 220 current lots in Mississippi); award winning outdoor television shows like “Hunting the Country” and “The Obsession Revealed”; BioLogic Wild Game that develops wild game seed blends to attract and manage wildlife; a Mossy Oak retail mall located in West Point; and the new Nativ Nurseries that provide landowners and managers with plants for building and/or restoration of wildlife habitat.

Mossy Oak is also a sponsor of national conservation organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Delta Waterfowl. It also contributes to Catch-A-Dream Foundation, a non-profit out of Starkville, Miss., that takes terminally ill children on hunting and fishing trips.

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