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Nucor Steel, Inc.

Nucor has evolved from a failing nuclear instruments company into the largest recycler and steel producer in North America. In 1969, the first electric arc furnace (EAF) mill, located in Darlington, SC, was the start of the modern mini-mill steel industry driven by recycling scrap metal to produce steel on a scale previously impossible. This mini-mill industry now produces more than half the steel made in the United States, and Nucor’s spectacular growth has built upon this innovative technology. Nucor Jackson is one of the largest recyclers in the state, reclaiming 500,000 tons of scrap per year.

Nucor Steel Jackson, Inc. is one of 180 Nucor facilities globally. The Jackson Bar Mill facility produces reinforcing bars, angles, flats, rounds, squares, strips and special shapes for use in agricultural products and construction applications including highways, bridges, office buildings, wastewater treatment plants, refineries, and commercial/retail buildings. Nucor also owns Gulf States Manufacturing, a Starkville-based producer of pre-engineered metal buildings.

Nucor was the first Mississippi employer to receive the Secretary of Defense Freedom Award, the nation’s highest recognition given to an employer for support of their employees who serve in the National Guard or Reserve.

The company’s overall operation is based on lean management, innovation, environmental stewardship, and commitment to the employees.

A typical Fortune 500 company has a triple-digit corporate staff; Nucor has a corporate staff of only 75. This streamlined chain of command allows the general managers at each Nucor division to operate their facilities as independent businesses. This autonomous structure is a key component of Nucor’s culture.

Nucor believes that environmental stewardship is equal with all other business critical functions, and that environmental protection is the individual obligation of every Nucor employee. Environmental impact stands alongside safety, quality, and cost in every strategic decision. Nucor is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and has participated in other elite environmental programs, such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track program.

Management at Nucor is obligated to manage Nucor in such a way that employees will have the opportunity to earn according to their productivity and the confidence that if they do their job properly, they will continue to have a job tomorrow.

Nucor Jackson has given over $360,000 to the local community, as well as $2,900,000 in scholarships to dependents of Nucor employees. Some of the community organizations supported include: The American Red Cross, Relay for Life, American Heart Association, Dixie National Rodeo, Diabetes Foundation, Fallen Firefighters, and many more. Nucor believes in not only a strong community but also a strong education, and has awarded scholarships to employees’ dependents totaling approximately $30,342,036 to 6,600 students over the past 30 years.

A company that, until 1969, had not made a ton of steel is now one of the world’s largest steelmakers. In an industry where turning a profit is notoriously difficult, Nucor consistently grows earnings. Nucor’s principles, activated by a team of highly skilled, dedicated employees, have helped it achieve the industry’s highest profits and stock market value.

Nucor’s goal is to take care of those it cares about-- its customers, employees, and communities. “We are succeeding by working together.”

Jim Sheble, VP/General Manager proudly expresses his thoughts on Nucor Steel Jackson and his Teammates. “Nucor Steel Jackson is proud of our success and commitment to the community, to our state’s industries and the economic development of Mississippi. Our employees’ commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality steel Nucor produces and the commitment to the success of Jackson’s facility for over fifty years and for many, many years to come.”

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