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As the world is turning to more eco-friendly alternatives like hybrid cars, waste recycling, and solar-powered energy, the hunting industry is also going green. Bad Boy Buggies, an Electric Utility Vehicle (EUV) manufacturer and distributor based in Natchez, Mississippi, is among the pioneers working to bring hunters and outdoor enthusiasts an ecological mode of all-terrain transportation.

Bad Boy Buggies was founded in 2003 by Joe Palermo and Bubba Kaiser. The duo set out to create a new “species” of ATV that was virtually undetectable to the surrounding wildlife; what they developed is a quiet, all-electric, low emission vehicle with enough horse power to carry up to four passengers and still stand up to the rough terrain of the great outdoors. The eco-friendliness of the EUVs was not the driving force behind the new design of ATV, but definitely came as an added bonus with the overlying shift to green products we have seen since the turn of the century.

Other than being a leader for off-road transportation in production of eco-friendly products with virtually silent engine technology, Bad Boy Buggies is proud to be an American-made brand with its manufacturing and headquarters both based in Mississippi. Its manufacturing facility in Natchez produces an average of 2200 EUVs each year, a grand feat for a company with only 55 employees. Its EUVs are distributed throughout the United States and parts of Canada with the help of dealer networks, including six in Mississippi alone. Bad Boy Buggies constantly works with dealers in providing educational classes on new products, hosting annual dealer conferences, and offering technical support and warranty assistance through an internet-based portal

Bad Boy Buggies’ EUVs are not only an excellent choice for hunters and outdoorsmen, but the brand has also become popular within commercial sectors including parks and recreation departments, agriculture, manufacturing and industry, and municipalities. The company is constantly stepping up standards and working to bring new products and ideas to the table, including the new Bad Boy XT which features 4-wheel independent suspension, disc brakes, Realtree AP camo, and much more.

Bad Boy Buggies also supports numerous charities locally, nationally, and even internationally. Conservation is an issue near and dear to the hearts of Bad Boy Buggies’ employees; and, therefore, the company supports several conservation groups including Safari Club International and the National Wild Turkey Federation. It is also a supporter of Hunters for Hunger, and Catch-A-Dream, a non-profit organization organized through Mississippi State University Extension Services and made possible by organizations like Bad Boy Buggies.

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