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In 2001, Systems Electro Coating was organized to serve as a Tier 1 supplier of electrocoated frames and other vehicle components for Nissan North America’s automotive plant in Canton, MS. SEC is a joint venture of Systems Consultants Associates, Inc. and PPG Industries, Inc, and is headed up by William “Bill” Cooley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Toni D. Cooley, President.

SEC is located in Madison, MS, a location easily accessible to various automotive plants and suppliers in the region (23 of these are located in the Southeast region). The company’s largest customer is Nissan North America and SEC is the just-in-time exclusive supplier of electrocoated frames for all the full-size Titan, Armada, and Infiniti QX56 vehicles manufactured in sequence by Nissan.

Other customers serviced from the company’s 99,000 square foot facility include suppliers of Mercedes-Benz after-market parts, antique car restorers, after-market parts for Nissan and Nissan suppliers, and manufacturers of drill bits, fence systems, and generator racks. For more information on Systems Electro Coating, please visit this web site: