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The invention of the cell phone spurred the beginning of the commercial boom experienced in markets today.  Cell phones have made it possible to do business anywhere, anytime and have allowed us to efficiently communicate with people across the globe with the simple push of a button.  Mississippi-based company Cellular South, headquartered in Ridgeland, is seeking to revolutionize telecommunications in Mississippi and its extended coverage regions with the strongest infrastructure in the industry, and to meet its ultimate goal of providing the same superior communication service to rural customers as is available in urban regions.

Cellular South, a subsidiary of Telapex, Inc., is the largest privately-held wireless provider in the U.S.  It provides wireless and broadband service to Mississippi, Memphis Metropolitan area, the Alabama Gulf Coast and western Florida Panhandle.  It was founded by Wade H. Creekmore, Jr. and James H. "Jimmy" Creekmore, Sr. in 1988 with its inaugural call made by the legendary Archie Manning from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Washington, D.C.  A decade later, Cellular South began an extensive expansion to provide better coverage to its current subscribers and availability of coverage to consumers living in “dead zones”.  So far, Cell South has invested more than $770 million in its wireless network, including constructing more than 1,400 cell sites, a high-speed wireless broadband network and a permanent microwave ring for a stronger infrastructure throughout the Gulf Coast region.

The moment of truth came in 2005 with the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina, destroying much of the Mississippi Coast.  Cellular South customers in some of the hardest-hit areas never lost service.  For many, it was the first and only means of communication.  Technicians in Cellular South’s emergency task force worked around the clock.  Many, including those suffering their own personal losses, slept in tents, in their trucks, and in conditions that were the worst they had ever seen.  Relief teams from all areas of the company were dispatched, and Gulf Coast employees came to work as soon as possible to make sure Cellular South stores would be the first to open in the hardest-hit areas.  Where stores were destroyed, tents with generators were established as free call and battery recharging centers so that customers, and non-customers alike, could make calls to their loved ones anywhere in the country.

Following Katrina, Cellular South provided a total of 50 million free relief minutes to customers in the hardest-hit areas.  The fact that the company’s network carried 8.5 million minutes of usage from other wireless companies’ customers in the first two weeks after Katrina was another sign of Cellular South’s network reliability.  To expand upon this already reliable network, the company also constructed a permanent $2.5 million microwave ring in South Mississippi for redundancy if landline systems were not operable – further strengthening its unmatched network reliability.

Today, Cellular South is focused more than ever on providing a superior customer experience through its nationwide 3G voice and data network; in-store, online and mobile Discover Centers to help unlock our customers’ wireless potential; simple plans that provide unbeatable value; award-winning customer care; amazing new technologies and devices, like Android™ and smartphones; and its commitment to the communities it serves with programs like the fun and engaging “Y’all vs. Us” high school football rivals programming that includes five of the most intense high school football rivals in Mississippi and a 10-episode reality series following the coaching staffs of two rival high schools.

Continuing its course for providing superior coverage to Mississippians, Cellular South announced in August of this year that the company had vastly expanded its 3G high-speed mobile broadband service in 15 counties and 60 cities in the Mississippi Delta region.  This came just after a major expansion in southwest Mississippi bringing 3G service to 10 new counties and cities including Natchez, Brookhaven and McComb and a 3G boost in Meridian and Lauderdale County.  This technology upgrade will help bolster the economy in these regions of the state, making business transactions easier and more openly available for better anywhere, anytime communications.

Cellular South is also a major contributor in the local community including sponsoring schools, universities, non-profit organizations, clubs and research initiatives; it does so through the Cellular South Foundation which is a private foundation funded by Cellular South.  The foundation's stated mission is to provide grants to Mississippi institutions of higher learning in order to help advance college education opportunities at these universities. The Foundation encourages furthering education through its “Gameplan” educational program used to prepare high school students for college enrollment and by providing academic scholarships.  Additionally, the Foundation provides academic scholarships and corporate sponsorships to Mississippi's eight public universities and financial assistance to community organizations that include the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Habitat for Humanity, Stewpot Community Services, Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Make-a-Wish Foundation, March of Dimes, The Mustard Seed, The Salvation Army, Special Olympics and the YMCA.
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