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PolyVulc, located in Vicksburg, MS, was incorporated January 1996 by a group of individual investors from Canada and Mississippi. Research and development began immediately upon processes utilizing recycled tires and various waste plastics. Being environmentally conscious, PolyVulc's goal is to process as much waste tire rubber and waste plastics as possible, thereby minimizing the amount of landfill material in the United States.

Many of their products have found their way under your very feet, the most familiar probably being the “springy” athletic tracks made from recycled tires. Other products include foundation stabilizers (known formally as Pier Pads and made from 100% recycled plastic) for platform structures such as manufactured homes. Crumb rubber (the recycled end-product from auto tires) can be found in artificial turf, sports fields, track runways, playground flooring, water hoses, tension-relieving mats found behind many cash registers, and doormats that collect dirt and grime as you walk in the door. The Black Propane Pad stabilizes large-capacity propane tanks and prevents sinking and shifting; and the Poly Wall provides structural protection for manufactured home supports, piping, and plumbing. PolyVulc can also make custom compounds with different forms and blends of plastic and rubber.

PolyVulc has expanded its state-of-the-art facility to cover more than 200,000 total square feet. The facility provides testing of both raw materials and finished goods, and performs extensive research for development of new and innovative eco-friendly products. The facility also permits PolyVulc to maintain a quality assurance program with research, development, and production all under one roof.

PolyVulc strives to make un-recycled trash work for us again instead of taking up space in biodegradable landfills.

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