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Cooper Tire manufacturing company is well known for its superior rubber products that can be found getting people from here to there around the world. Cooper Tire was founded in 1914 in Findlay, Ohio and has since expanded to five locations in North America, including two facilities in Mississippi.

Mississippi boasts having Cooper Tire facilities in both the Delta town of Clarksdale and the North Mississippi commercial center, Tupelo. The Clarksdale facility is crucial in Cooper Tire’s manufacturing assembly line. It is responsible for mixing and producing the raw materials used when tires are molded into their final form. The quality of these raw materials is what defines the overall quality of the Cooper Tire products. It also manufactures the inner tubes found in many tires, especially larger scale and high performance tires. The Clarksdale facility supplies inner tubes and mixed rubber compounds for the other facilities stretching its base of distribution from Mississippi and Georgia to Arkansas and up to Ohio. The Tupelo facility is used to manufacture the final products for Cooper Tire. This facility is used in tire assembly, molding, treading, quality assurance testing, and final distribution to North American dealers and carriers.

Cooper Tire employs over 1300 Mississippi residents. Its mission for providing quality products as a fair and competitive manufacturer with reasonable prices has set this Mississippi business on the track for continued success. Cooper Tire also stands by its belief in civic responsibility. Its website promotes civics and voting, and environmental responsibility not only for its employees but also consumers.

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