The Finance Division is committed to using an accounting system that is not only comprehensive in its coverage, but also practical in its use. We are responsible for the research, planning and implementation of accounting procedures as required to maintain compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, while achieving the most benefit for the agency’s unique requirements.

The Finance Division’s mission is to:

  • oversee payments for goods and services purchased
  • oversee payments received for services on behalf of the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office
  • prepare the Operating Budget Analysis, the printed Operating Budget, and the legislative Budget Request for all divisions
  • provide accurate, dependable and timely service to agency personnel involved in business related travel. This includes assistance with monetary and policy questions before or after the travel occurs, travel advances and reimbursement of incurred travel expenses, payment of conference registration fees on behalf of the traveler


(601) 359-4187

The Procurement Division is committed to provide services that improve the support for high quality service to employees and customers.

The Procurement Division’s mission is to:

  • provide the best service possible to the agency while expediting the procurement of goods and services
  • secure competitive quotes and bids to obtain maximum value from the expenditures of agency funds
  • authorize contracts on any commodity/service being purchased by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office
  • coordinate the procurement of goods and services for all divisions of the agency
  • ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and policies
  • maintain professionalism by Procurement and Contracts personnel
  • maintain reputable relations with vendors that service the agency
  • develop new sources of supplies and equipment to assure agency divisions have an adequate number of vendors from which to obtain supplies, equipment, and services