Delta Blues Rice LLC

Delta Blues Rice is taking their family farm to Mississippi’s dining table. 

 “We’re hoping to keep going with this,” said Hugh Arant of Delta Blues Rice, reciting what has quickly become the unofficial business mantra of his family’s laid back rice farm turned artisan food company. From just raising rice to feed their family and neighbors, the family’s goal over the past 12 months has transitioned into producing and selling locally grown, artisan-milled rice to all of Mississippi – and beyond.

“We farm in the Delta and my family has been on our land for 90 years. We’re going on four generations here now,” Arant said. His family has been growing rice since the early 60s and, up until last year, was only using their delta-grown rice to feed themselves or to give to friends and neighbors.  

“We, in the last year, decided to commercially add...

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