Enforcement Actions: Regulation & Enforcement

Preneed & Perpetual Care Agreements

TitleOrder#Issue Date
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Forrest Memorial Park & Oaklawn Memorial ParkL-11-01878/15/2011
Patterson Memorial ChapelLPR-15-12774/1/2015
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Belle Memorial Funeral HomeP-04-01353/29/2010
Benchmark Memorial Life Center, Inc.PN-1905-12717/9/2019
Byas Funeral HomeP-11-00334/7/2011
Cedric D. Clark Memorial Funeral Home, Inc.LPR-13-081112/12/2013
Cemetery Management, Inc. dba Forrest Memorial Gardens CemeteryLPC-12-048511/5/2012
Clark's Memorial Funeral HomeP-08-01116/17/2008
Coastal Cremation & Cemeteries, Inc.P-09-02423/11/2010
Columbus Marble Works, Inc.P-10-00249/14/2010
Cypress Gardens Cemetery Cypress Gardens, Inc.L-11-01237/7/2011
Delta Burial Corporation PN-0905-0410/14/2009
Delta Heights Memorial Garden4/7/2011
Eastover Memorial Cemetery 6/27/2013
Enterprise Funeral Home4/5/2011
Gillespie Funeral HomeP-09-0203
Glenwood Memorial Park, Inc.LPR-12-04633/11/2013
Greenlawn Memorial Park, LLC LPR-17-23463/8/2017
Greenview Memorial CemeteryL-11-0122 6/27/2011
Holly Springs Funeral Home P-09-0105 4/12/2010
Hudson Park CemeteryLPC-15-14118/2/2015
Infinity Funeral HomePN-1906-13238/8/2019
Marshall Funeral Home LPR-16-22442/3/2017
Mercy Funeral HomePN-1905-12756/20/2019
Moore Consent Agreement P-10-00165/21/2010
New Haven Memorial Funeral Home L-11-0120
Payton Mortuary, LLCLPR-18-31958/15/2018
Peoples Undertaking Co., Inc.LPR-18-30365/7/2018
Ray Family Funeral HomeP-10-0018
Robert D. Mackel & Sons Funeral HomePN-1905-12735/31/2019
Robinson and Sons Funeral HomeP-09-0169
Rollins Funeral Home, Inc 8/2/2012
SCI Mississippi Funeral Services, Inc.P-09-0151
Scott Memorial Funeral Home, Inc.LPR-12-04922/4/2013
Service Corporation International4/4/2011
Shaffer & Collins Funeral Home, Inc.L-12-03314/30/2012
Stewart Enterprises, Inc.-Lakewood Memorial Park. Inc.L-11-0178 4/4/2011
Stricklin - King Funeral Home Inc
Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery 5/6/2011
The Estate of David E. Smith D/B/A Smith Funeral HomeLPR-14-09323/6/2014
The Estate of Davide E. Smith d/b/a Smith Funeral HomeLPR-14-09323/11/2014
TLR Enterprises, Inc.LPC-16-16353/16/2016
W.S. Brandon Mortuary, LLC 9/14/2011
Walker Funeral Home, LLCPN-1905-12748/19/2019
Webster Memorial GardensLPR-14-09473/12/2014
Webster Memorial GardensLPC-14-09483/12/2014
Wolf Funeral Services, Inc.P-10-00259/8/2010
Wright Ferguson Funeral HomeP-09-0212 4/12/2010
Yazoo Memorial Park of YazooLPC-16-18356/15/2016
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Century Funeral Home (Crystal Springs)LPR-19-375610/21/2019
Century Funeral Home (Espy)LPR-19-384411/4/2019
Cook Funeral HomesLPR-19-35475/22/2019
Foster & Son Funeral Home, LLCLPR-19-37409/25/2019
Holifield Funeral HomeLPR-19-369711/22/2019
J & M Funeral Home, LLCLPR-19-375710/25/2019
Memory Chapel, Inc.LPR-19-379010/7/2019
Meredith-Nowell Funeral Home, Inc.LPR-15-15503/3/2015
Montgomery MortuaryLPR-19-384212/5/2019
Redmon Funeral Home and Burial Association, Inc. DBA Delta Memorial GardensLPR-19-381811/6/2019
Redmon Funeral Home and Burial Association, Inc. DBA Heavenly Rest CemeteryLPR-19-381811/6/2019
Redmon Funeral Home and Burial Association, Inc. DBA Lakewood CemeteryLPR-19-381811/6/2019
Redmon Funeral Home and Burial Association, Inc. DBA Oakridge CemeteryLPR-19-381811/6/2019
Ripley Funeral HomeLPR-18-32309/13/2019
Royal Funeral Home, LLCLPR-19-374410/13/2019
Townes Funeral Home, LLCLPR-19-365111/6/2019
W.H. Jefferson Funeral Home, Inc.LPR-19-375310/25/2019
Waters Funeral Home of Baldwyn, Inc.LPR-17-279312/27/2018
Williams Funeral Home OkolonaLPR-20-40148/5/2020
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Affordable Funeral Homes, LLCLPR-17-26901/31/2018
Autumn Woods MemorialLPC-13-08466/18/2014
Cecil Lawrence, Inc. dba The Lawrence GroupLPR-12-04947/9/2013
Coastal Cremation & Cemeteries, Inc.LPR-13-06788/16/2013
Darden Sons Funeral Home, Inc.P-10-00212/23/2011
Dotson Funeral Home, Inc.LPR-13-066610/11/2013
Ginn Funeral HomeO-11-00287/31/2011
Golden GateP-09-01541/5/2010
Grayson-Porter's MortuaryLPR-12-05036/21/2013
Greenscape Michigan, Inc.LPR-15-13437/17/2015
Hudson Park CemeteryLPC-15-14113/7/2016
L.Hodges Funeral Service, LLCLPR-17-26603/5/2018
Quad County Memorial Chapel, LLCLPR-14-11586/29/2015
Robinson & Sons Funeral HomeLPR-13-075111/25/2013
Robinson’s Friendly Funeral Home, Inc.LPR-15-134311/5/2015
West Funeral HomeP-08-02097/11/2006
Williams Funeral ServiceL-11-01979/24/2008

Scrap Metal Agreements

TitleOrder#Issue Date
collapse Consent Agreements and Consent Orders
Aluminum Recycling of MS, INCLM-15-13896/18/2015
Choctaw County Recycling LLCLM-18-31978/28/2018
Industrial Recycling & Demolition, INCLM-14-110511/20/2014
Martin Brothers Consent Agreement 12/12/2011
M-D Metals, LLCLM-16-17473/24/2016
Scotty's Recycling LLCLM-18-31968/2/2018
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P&R Scrap Metal Recycling, LLCLM-18-335112/19/2018
collapse Final Orders
Christopher Jarrell - Hattiesburg Recycling, LLCLM-16-16654/26/2016
Christopher Jarrell - Hattiesburg Recycling, LLC.LM-16-16654/26/2016
Foxworth Recycling, LLCLM-14-11154/13/2015
James Ray AinsworthLM-15-1297
Joel Necaise Final OrderM-12-03155/23/2012
L & D Trucking & Scrap, Inc.L-11-022611/22/2011
L&M Scrapyard, LLCLM-14-10824/13/2015
Revette Scrap MetalLM-14-110612/19/2014
SAM RecyclingLM-14-11314/13/2015
Shannon Jarrell d/b/a Moselle RecyclingLM-16-16394/26/2016
Wig's Scrap Yard LLCLM-17-28117/13/2018
WorldWide Alloys of MS, LLCLM-15-12458/7/2015
Worley Brothers Scrap Iron and Metal, Inc.LM-15-12968/31/2015

Athlete Agent Agreements

TitleOrder#Issue Date
collapse Consent Agreements and Consent Orders
Daniel Servick Consent AgreementAA-1201010/9/2012
Eugene Parker Consent AgreementMS-SOS-AA-2013-1211/1/2013
Isaac Conner Consent AgreementAA-15-14259/16/2015
J.D. Smart Consent AgreementMS-SOS-AA-2013-1212/18/2013
John Hernandez Consent AgreementMS-SOS-AA-2013-1110/21/2013
Larry Reynolds Consent AgreementMS-SOS-AA-2013-107/2/2013
collapse Final Orders
Fred HowardAA-120116/25/2013
Princess Nakeia Graves - A Hunnit Percent Entertainment Company (AKA Authentic 100% Entertainment Company)LA-16-18277/15/2016