MS Blues Marathon

Just after sunrise on Saturday, January 9, 2016, Jackson’s streets will be filled with a stampede of runners and the syncopated beat of blues musicians as the 9th annual Mississippi Blues Marathon gets underway.
With almost 4000 marathon participants from all across the U.S. and numerous foreign countries signed up to race through downtown Jackson, the single-loop marathon race has already  reached maximum enrollment for the quarter marathon and relay teams.   
The start/finish elevation is at 292 feet with the maximum elevation at almost 400 feet. The net gain in elevation is 950 feet.  Race director John Noblin describes the course as a trek over “rolling typography” with no climbs longer than 400 meters.  A highlight of the race is the soundtrack provided on race day with musicians performing all along the race course, a feature which sets the Blues Marathon apart from other competitions. For spectators, some of the most popular locations include the Fondren district, Belhaven and downtown near the Mississippi Museum of Art.

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