Reed's Metals, Inc.

Guided by its founding principle of "Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed," Reed’s Metals, Inc. of Brookhaven is putting a personal stamp on the metal roofing and steel building industry in the Southeast.  Reed's Metals is a multi-million dollar metal provider, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and fabrication methods. Headquartered on a 20-acre site in Lincoln County, the facility produces steel buildings of any size and offers a complete line of multiple roofing panel profiles in 20+ colors with same day service on all roofing orders.

Bernard "Bernie" Reed began Reed’s Metals on June 1, 1998, near Monticello in rural Lawrence County. Using a single hand cutter, he began filling roofing orders at night, the same orders he had personally acquired earlier in the day. The next day, those orders would be delivered.

"I started in a tiny green shed with one employee, one forklift and $10,000. We ordered 74 sheets of roofing materials in seven colors from Mountain Metals in Kentucky to get us going," said Reed, who now employs 70 at the company’s five locations. "As we got orders during the day, we would pull the needed sheets that night and hand cut them by the headlights of a car."

Six months into his business endeavor, a customer approached Reed with the opportunity to expand his operation. "He had a 60 x 80 foot building near Brookhaven that he offered to rent to me for $400 a month," said Reed.  After moving into a more hospitable work space, business began to increase.  By August 2001...