Venture Technologies Inc.

​Venture Technologies provides customized computer networking and cloud storage services to both private and public sector organizations and businesses nationwide – but personalized customer service is key to the Mississippi-based company’s competitiveness.

“Venture focuses on delivering the best ‘experience’.  We do that by applying the Golden Rule to everything we do. We treat our staff with respect; they deliver a world-class experience to our customer and the combination thereof makes Venture a world-class organization.” said Gerard Gibert, CEO of Venture Technologies.  

“An abundance of very competent operators pervade the IT Solution Provider/Managed Services Provider Industry.  All have enormous technical and service delivery capabilities.  So it’s difficult to differentiate on the basis of sheer core competencies.”  

Begun in 1986 by Gibert and Norman Katool as MicroAge, the fledgling start-up focused on accounting and business process automation. Gibert, an accounting and economics major, had previously worked as a senior consultant for Andersen Consulting and had been involved in large-scale software development projects as a business process analyst and developer. Katool brought to the table his operational expertise as staff auditor for a Mississippi-based certified public accounting firm.

“The early 80’s ushered in a period of transformation of business computing from ‘glass house’ centralized architectures, to enabling personal computing.  Venture Technologies fused business and technology skills to deliver solutions to both private and public sector organizations in Mississippi seeking to leverage the new, affordable automation platforms,” Gibert explained.

As the information technology industry expanded and changed at an exponential rate, so did the Mississippi-based IT solutions company. Venture now operates additional locations in Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Colorado, and Wyoming, but has maintained its corporate headquarters in Ridgeland. 

“The rate of change in information technology is a continuous challenge.  More specifically, the change in consumption models is particularly challenging – and opportunistic.”

In August 2014, Venture merged with Denver-based Information Systems Consulting, Inc. bringing its full-time staff to almost 200 full-time employees including account managers, technical architects and engineers producing almost $150 million in annual revenue. Last year’s merger and acquisition, however, were only the beginning of a much broader consolidation strategy, according to the company’s principals.

“Venture has a team of investment bankers, M&A advisors, legal and accounting professionals that support the company’s expansion strategy which currently includes a pipeline of 23 targets across the nation. Venture’s goal is to become a billion dollar organization based in Mississippi. It is possible that the company may transition to a public company,” Gibert said. 

“We are currently engaged with several other organizations that fit our expansion strategy criteria. There are numerous quality IT infrastructure and cloud providers operating across the nation, and by building a west/east platform, we are able to expand our capabilities and seek the best fit for us.”

Gibert has served as the CEO for Venture Technologies since its inception 29 years ago and has continued as the CEO of the merged company. In addition, Katool continues in his original capacity as the Chief Financial Officer.

“Cloud delivery and consumption of IT, along with the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to drive innovation and new solutions that we can’t even imagine today,” stated Gibert. “The new Venture Technologies is now poised to enable consolidation and respond to the needs of our clients today and tomorrow, wherever they may be. It is an honor to lead a great company during this exciting time in the IT industry.”

Gibert says Venture is different from other IT solutions companies because it goes further than simply selling equipment and data systems.

“With the Golden Rule as our guiding principle, Venture helps organizations achieve excellence by delivering premise and cloud-based IT solutions that offer lasting value. We help private and public sector organizations deploy solutions that improve productivity, optimize resources, and maximize their ROI, ensuring that our customers receive the best experience possible throughout every phase of the IT lifecycle,” he said.

With each client, Venture assigns an account manager who, with a support team, follows a four-step process to determine what the customer’s needs are and how best to address their technology demands: 1) preparation and needs analysis to identify needs and objectives; 2) design/proposal of custom-tailored solutions based on a best-in-class approach; 3) implementation of industry-standard methodologies while keeping the customer constantly informed of the project’s status; and 4) support/quality assurance that the implemented solution continues to provide maximum performance and value.

“We work to minimize disruptions, and we remain respectful of the value and criticality of our work and your IT systems. We complete the final 10% of every job with the same effort and diligence as we devote to the initial 90%,” said Gibert. “We then design a comprehensive support plan that keeps your system productive for the long term while maximizing your return on investment. Throughout the entire process, an account manager serves as a single point of contact for all aspects of your project. Our account managers are resourceful, responsive, and thorough, and your complete satisfaction is their paramount objective.”