School District Online Portal

Welcome to the Mississippi School District Online Portal, an online tool designed to help your school district electronically create and submit leases, record lease payments, add or change school district contacts, and submit required annual financial reports and List of Leases reports.  

School districts are able to track the progress of a lease through the Secretary of State’s lease review process, from submission to filing the final lease document. The mapping component allows school districts to view all leases, active and expired, and those expiring in the next three months, and view bid notices for expiring leases. Users are able to view all leases by school district, school district properties, and school district contact information. Users are also able to subscribe to lease notifications. 

This website will be available to school districts effective July 1, 2019. The Secretary of State's Office emailed each school district superintendent and a designated administrative user a unique login and password to access the online filing site on July 1, 2019.

After logging in, the superintendent and/or the administrative user can set up additional "delegate" users. The “delegate” users are school district staff authorized to enter data and file reports on behalf of the school district.  Instructions on use of the system are in the menu item “Instructions for Use”.  

For login information or questions regarding submitting leases or annual reports or other features, please contact Lakecia Fleming at (601) 359-6375 or

Click this link to login:​




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