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Subject Matter:
Assisted Suicide and Abortion  (See Comments)

Original Filing:
Ultimate Human Life Amendment We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all persons are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are the Right to Life, that is, the Right to not have one's life taken from them. Therefore, the government of the state of Mississippi shall recognize and defend the God-given Right to Life of all persons equally in accordance with Section 14 of the State Constitution of 1890. The word "person" shall apply to all human beings, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, citizenship, ancestry, national origin, sex, age, health, function, or condition of dependency, at all stages of biological development from fertilization until natural death. No person shall deprive another person of life by assisting or aiding in their suicide. No person shall deprive an unborn person of life; provided, however, that nothing in this amendment shall prohibit a law allowing justification to be shown for only those medical procedures required to prevent the death of either the pregnant woman or her unborn offspring as long as such law requires every reasonable effort be made to preserve the life of each. No designated funds are required to implement this amendment.

Proposed Ballot Title:
Should the Mississippi Constitution be amended to adopt legal standards defining and protecting human life as provided in Initiative #24?

Proposed Ballot Summary:
Initiative 24 would amend the Mississippi Constitution to require legal recognition that human life begins and is protected at the moment of fertilization and to forbid taking the life of a person by aiding a suicide attempt or by depriving an unborn person of life. “Person” would be defined (without regard for conditions such as race, sex, age health, function or dependency) to include all stages of biological development from fertilization to natural death.

Initiative Petition:
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M. Keith Rogers
PO Box 8240
Biloxi MS 39535-8240


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Initiative Information:
The official ballot title and ballot summary for an initiative measure are prepared by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office. Initiative measures are valid for one year. During this one-year period, a petition may be circulated to place the measure on the next statewide general election ballot to allow the voters of Mississippi to determine whether the measure should become a part of the Mississippi Constitution. According to Mississippi law, for an initiative measure to be placed on the ballot, a minimum of 106,190 certified signatures must be gathered, with at least 21,238 certified signatures from each of the five congressional districts as they existed in the year 2000. This required number of signatures represents twelve percent (12%) of the total number of votes cast for Governor in the last gubernatorial general election. Signatures must be certified by county circuit clerks as belonging to registered voters in Mississippi. A completed petition should be filed with Secretary of State, together with a filing fee of $500.00. For more information on the initiative process in Mississippi, consult the Mississippi Constitution of 1890, Section 273, and Mississippi Code Annotated §§ 23-17-1 through 23-17-61 (1972).

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