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No Public Assistance for Drug Users and Non-Citizens Measure Any Mississippi citizen age fourteen (14) and above filing for or currently receiving state public assistance, including but not limited to Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, WIC, Public Housing, CHIPS, etc., shall be required to pass a minimum of one (1) random, annual drug screening, either in the form of a urine test, or the most economically and technologically advanced method available. The drug screen will be a standard 5-panel test that includes adulterant testing and medical review officer conformation. Donor selection shall be done at random with no prior notice given. This screening also applies to those receiving state compensation in the form of a contract, sub-contract or employee status, as well as those hired by contract or sub-contract agreements. Failure to pass said drug screening shall result in six (6) random drug screens over a one year period. Automatic cessation of benefits shall commence immediately upon failure of a second drug screening. Additional drug screening shall be imposed if activities or behaviors warrant, as deemed by a chancery court judge, law enforcement officer or case manager. This program shall be self-funded by the benefits and salaries of the recipients of the public assistance and state contracts. Every person enrolled and receiving the aforementioned benefits shall be subjected to drug screenings within sixty (60) days of the passage of this initiative or lose their benefits and anyone who is not already receiving benefits at the time of the passage of this initiative, but who subsequently applies for and is awarded said benefits, shall first be required to pass a drug screen as part of their application process before their benefits may be awarded. The Mississippi Department of Human Services shall be the designated state agency responsible for overseeing said drug screenings required by this initiative. The State shall contract with local drug screening companies on a bid basis to accomplish the drug screenings required by this initiative. The Mississippi Department of Human Services will be the lead agency responsible for implementing these initiative changes. Upon filing for benefits and at the time of drug screening, a birth certificate and picture I.D. shall be produced to prove citizenship in accordance with the laws governing U.S. citizenship. No public assistance or State salary of any kind shall be received by anyone either residing the state illegally or not in full compliance with the federal and state laws governing legal citizenship and residents, i.e. with a worker/student VISA. This amendment recognizes that public assistance is a privilege and not a right. Summary: This amendment will prevent non-citizens and those on drugs from receiving state public assistance.

Proposed Ballot Title:
Should persons, contractors or employees receiving public funds be required to pass drug tests and be citizens or legal residents?

Proposed Ballot Summary:
Initiative number 33 would amend the Mississippi Constitution to require that persons receiving public assistance, as well as state contractors, subcontractors and state employees, must undergo random drug testing. Persons not currently receiving public assistance must pass drug testing before receiving benefits. This initiative also requires that persons residing in the state illegally are prohibited from receiving public assistance or a state salary of any kind.

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Paul Boudreaux
670 Mulberry Drive
Biloxi MS 39532


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Initiative Information:
The official ballot title and ballot summary for an initiative measure are prepared by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office. Initiative measures are valid for one year. During this one-year period, a petition may be circulated to place the measure on the next statewide general election ballot to allow the voters of Mississippi to determine whether the measure should become a part of the Mississippi Constitution. According to Mississippi law, for an initiative measure to be placed on the ballot, a minimum of 106,190 certified signatures must be gathered, with at least 21,238 certified signatures from each of the five congressional districts as they existed in the year 2000. This required number of signatures represents twelve percent (12%) of the total number of votes cast for Governor in the last gubernatorial general election. Signatures must be certified by county circuit clerks as belonging to registered voters in Mississippi. A completed petition should be filed with Secretary of State, together with a filing fee of $500.00. For more information on the initiative process in Mississippi, consult the Mississippi Constitution of 1890, Section 273, and Mississippi Code Annotated §§ 23-17-1 through 23-17-61 (1972).

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