Wednesday, June 19, 2024

We The People Party-- Statement Correction

JACKSON, Miss. – The Mississippi Secretary of State's Office has received numerous questions regarding a press release issued by the Kennedy campaign on June 17, 2024, citing We The People party has ballot access in Mississippi.

Due to several false or misleading statements, our office has provided the following clarification:

  • We The People party has not filed all required documents to be registered as a political party in Mississippi and therefore does not have ballot access.
  • We The People party filed initial paperwork (party bylaws) on January 16, 2024, to begin the registration process. Once a State executive committee has been selected at least 90 days after submission of the bylaws, the State executive committee must file additional paperwork to register the political party. We have not received this paperwork.
  • Even if the We The People party was properly registered and the party had ballot access in Mississippi, we have not received any of the proper qualifying paperwork for the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket to appear on the ballot.

In order to be registered as a political party in Mississippi and gain proper access to the Mississippi ballot, We The People must file the following paperwork:

  • An application for registration, i.e. a letter asking for the registration of the political party in the State of Mississippi and disclosing the names of all organizations officially sanctioned by the political party; and
  • An affidavit of the chairperson of the political party seeking registration containing: 
    • The names and offices of all state executive committee members, including specifically the names of those designated as chairperson and secretary,
    • The names and offices of all national committee members,
    • The names of the officers of the party, and
    • A statement setting forth the executive committee and other officers of the party were selected in accordance with the provisions of Miss. Code Ann. Section 23-15-1053, or any laws supplementary or amendatory thereto; and
  • A copy of the party's organizational documents, which may include, but is not limited to rules, regulations, or bylaws.

This information has been communicated with We The People representatives on multiple occasions as documented by the Secretary of State's Office.

All political party nominees and independent candidates for president must file all qualifying documents and fees by September 6, 2024. Currently, the Secretary of State's Office has not received the respective documents and fees necessary for any presidential candidate to appear on the general election ballot.