With the overwhelming response to Tackle the Tape, Secretary Watson decided to take his efforts a step further with a more proactive review approach. In January 2022, he launched the 29 by 29 strategic plan to increase the efficiency of the regulatory review process under the Tackle the Tape initiative. 

Continuing the collaborative theme, Secretary Watson acquired state and national partners to assist in reviewing all regulations for all 29 licensing boards and commissions by the year 2029, instead of only newly proposed ones. Each year, external nonprofit and academic partners will evaluate the existing regulations for three (3) to four (4) occupational licensing boards and commissions for compliance with the state policy.

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Among the three (3) boards examined in 2022 (MS State Board of Cosmetology, MS State Board of Barber Examiners, and the MS State Board of Architecture), 1,719 rules were identified as “regulatory requirements.” Additionally, regulatory requirements are being categorized as federally required, statutorily required on the state level, and discretionary. The discretionary regulations will be brought to the OLRC for potential repeal.