Monday, June 27, 2022

Mississippi Abortion Notice Published in Administrative Bulletin

JACKSON — The notice required to set in motion Mississippi's law to ban abortion is now published in the Mississippi Administrative Bulletin. 

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Mississippi's “trigger law" prohibits abortions in Mississippi “except in the case where necessary for the preservation of the mother's life or where the pregnancy was caused by rape" (Section 2, 2007 Miss. Laws Ch. 441. (S.B. 2391)). The same law also states the ban in the trigger law "shall take effect and be in force from and after ten (10) days following the date of publication by the Attorney General of Mississippi in the Mississippi Administrative Bulletin published by the Secretary of State" (Section 6, 2007 Miss. Laws Ch. 441. (S.B. 2391)). The Secretary of State is the official registrar for the rules of all state agencies and the publisher of the Mississippi Administrative Bulletin.

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For questions regarding Mississippi abortion laws or interpretation of Mississippi law, please contact the Mississippi Attorney General's Office.

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