Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Campaign Finance Filing Tips

JACKSON, Miss – The following email was distributed this morning to all candidates running in the 2023 election:

As a reminder, Periodic Campaign Finance Reports are due in the appropriate office for 2023 candidates and political committees supporting or opposing 2023 candidates by 5:00 p.m. on June 9, 2023.

These reports may either be filed electronically through the Secretary of State's campaign finance online filing system or by paper, filed with the Secretary of State by mail, email or fax prior to the applicable reporting deadline.

If filing a paper report:

  • Complete all blank information.
  • Email, fax, or hand deliver for immediate submission.
  • If mailing, the deadline is receipt deadline, not postmarked.
  • Keep a copy for your records.

If filing online using the Secretary of State’s campaign finance filing system:

  • Do not leave report open and/or unattended for an extended amount of time without saving progress.
  • Upon submission, download and review the PDF copy provided in the confirmation email.
  • If any discrepancies discovered, contact the Elections Division immediately.

Mississippi law (MS Code Ann. § 23-15-807(b)(ii) and 23-15-807(e)) requires all candidates for elective office (excluding candidates for federal office) to file campaign finance disclosure reports.